My career started at art college, interior three-dimensional design. I always try to approach my work from an artistic or at least, personal perspective. Commercials often offer the possibility of exploring themes that I find interesting, such as narrative and storytelling, feelings and emotions, beauty, the use of colour, visual language, and composition, to name a few.

I consider myself an eclectic director.

What interests me are ideas being told in a filmic way and I am not obsessed about a particular style or genre; on the contrary, I love and always try new things. I believe in going to set each day and find new creative solutions, new camera positions, new ways of directing actors and of course, experiment with different storytelling formats, editing techniques, music etc. I never make the same film twice. However, I’m always looking for an emotional thread in all my work.

The idea, the concept and finding the way to tell a story with the tools available is what gets me excited about a campaign.

In addition to my work in advertising, I’m involved in a variety of creative projects and photography.

Born in Milan, live in Madrid, I'm English.